Sedona Spirit Crystals Powered by the Vortex

Sedona Spirit Crystals From the Vortex

Divine Manifestation from Sedona Shambhala City of Light

Shekina Rose

The crystals sang to me and started to manifest and gave me an amazing awakening of  Nirvana a feeling throughout my entire body and a new connection for being alive, "Shamballa".  The Sedona crystals have a very special purpose, a gift of healing and LOVE for the planet and all who will have them and connect with them.

"Shortly after discovering the crystals, I saw an enormous crystal city of light that was a size of a planet.

The crystals and ley lines of the New Earth of Mother Earth Gaia are awakening across the planet. Our crystalline DNA is being activated.

~Shekina Rose, Intuitive Empath Psychic Healer, Angelic Medium 

In the Portal of the Vortex Settings

The Beautiful White Light Crystals and Star Duzy gemstones  from the Sedona Vortexes are extremely rare and channel an energy power of the mystical land they come from. They exist in only one place on the Planet.

They are a high vibration quartz crystal that carry sacred healing energy for the world with the power of the Vortex that you can experience. They are created and made here in Sedona AZ.

The White Light Crystals and Star Druzy of Sedona

The Sedona White Light quartz qualities:

LOVE ~ Shamblalla ~ Twin Flame ~ Peace ~Psychic Sensitivity ~ Healing

Brings the Divinity of the white light carry purifying vibrations and healing properties that creates a seal of protection and light around your aura, cleanses the auric field and environment absorbs energy and returns it to the sender having transmuted.

Has the Feminine principle that is a symbol of love and the inner goddesses that brings the gift of increased intuition, empathic awareness, connection to Nature and restore emotional balance. Carries the twin flame spirit to balances male-female energies and helps men and women who want to get in touch with their feminine side.

Amplifies your energy but especially infusing your crown chakra with its brilliant white light and links you to higher states of spirituality and brings a sacred connection with Mother Earth.

The Sedona Star Druzy quartz qualities:

Oneness ~ Unity ~ Alignment

Helps to connect to your star family, star wisdom, your spiritual destiny on a deeper level with your connection to Mother Earth and everything around it, including the stars and beyond. Assist with your  connections to your spirit guides and Angels.

A harmonizer to help you work with groups of people toward a common spiritual focus and goals induce creativity, Higher states of awareness, relaxation and balances emotions.

Crystals Source Private land 

The Sedona White Light Crystals create a sacred connection with Mother Earth Gaia.  Each crystal stone from the from the sacred vortexes has a living message and an ancient frequency Healing for humanity at this time.

Sedona Hearts of Mother Earth Gaia ~ Vortex LOVE frequency

The Sedona Hearts Carries the Universal spiritual love tones of Creation and is the promise heart  that the White Light Crystals would manifest on a sacred land of Shambhala, a City of Light when the starseeds would return and beings all over the world would awaken to restoring Love to Mother Earth and Hearts of Humanity

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The Sedona Holding Heart crystals has the Mother Earth Heart frequency of Love and oneness a Unity connection for all life. It is a powerful healing restoring resonance of the electromagnetic field of the earth. The Sedona Mother Earth Hearts enhance awakening on all levels of healing and empowerment for the well-being of the human body and deep soul level connection and relationships.

Archangel Maria a 10th Dimensional Angel of Cosmic light has blessed this creation and will assist you in connecting to the highest frequencies of Love.  Archangel Marie who is also an emanation of Sophia compares this to the Hope diamond as a perfection Creation as if holding the hand of God.

Sedona Holding Heart of Mother Earth Gaia's ~LOVE Frequency 

White Light Inner Earth Crystal

Red Rock Imprint Heart of Mother Earth


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Heart of Sedona White light Crystal with swarovski crystals ~ Priestess of Light


Moonstone White light Heart Sedona Portal Crystal

Sedona White Light Crystal Portal of the Vortex


Higher Self Radiance Blue Ray Sedona

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