​A Medical Intuitive, Psychic Scan Energy Assessment

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A Medical Intuitive, Master Energy Remote Viewing Psychic Scan with Shekina Rose and Tom Dongo

You will receive a time and date where you received the A Medical Intuitive, Master Energy Remote Viewing Psychic Scan with Shekina Rose and Tom Dongo it is best that you can take time to relax and be in quiet for the time. We will then call you with the results and email.

Shekina Rose is an Angel Medium Healer and after her three near death experiences she was able to bring in, attune, and sing in the miracle frequencies --- where she had never before sang or ever used her vocals in this way.

Science has analyzed the voice of Shekina Rose and verified that her vocals contain the whole lost scale of the ancient Solfeggio scale of 528 Hz, Love "(Solfeggio)”, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)Her vocals also include the breakthrough mathematical equations of Creation as assessed by scientist, Mark Rodin, And as a result the probability of other frequencies not discovered yet.

She can clear any distortion through sound harmonics by toning and by singing the appropriate healing frequency.

They have combined their extraordinary healing, remote viewing and psychic abilities to produce a one of a kind healing team. They often have extraordinary healing results for their clients.

Tom Dongo world renowned UFO researcher, Extraterrestrial and paranormal researcher. A thirty yea resident of Sedona, Arizona. He has written seven popular books on the aforementioned subject.

Tom Dongo discovered many of his extraordinary psychic and other seemingly supernatural abilities while attending the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California.

He has the proven ability to see into a human body very much like an X ray machine incredibility combined with a natural ability to remote viewing is the ability to project the subconscious to a given place irregardless of the time and distance. Tom Dongo is a genuine master at this.

He has performed this phenomena on hundreds of people even medical doctors who a high degree of accuracy.

He was, in 1997, offered a a two week stay at the University of California, Berkeley. All expenses paid. They wanted to study him and his almost other worldly abilities. He declined the offer.

Tom Dongo has often resolved or came amazingly close to solving lofty difficult health and other perplexing issues where present day great psychic and medical doctors failed.

as been employing his highly skilled natural remote viewing abilities that came natural to him after studying at the Berkeley Psychic Institute The government and science wanted to study his amazing skills, which he declined as he wanted to use his supernatural abilities to help humanity and through healing.

With Tom amazing X ray vision sight and also natural Psychic Medium abilities and Shekina's divine powers to tune in and bring any frequency for healing, clearing and opening to the higher realms, They have combined their extraordinary healing and psychic abilities for a unique one of kind in the world healing team for miraculous healing.

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