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White light Higher earth Crystal Rare manifestation from Sedona at Cathedral Rock Vortex Crystal City of Light

25 mm silver brass setting surrounded by Swarovski crystals with a center Swarovski

Heart of Sedona from the City of Light Crystal LOVE the Promise Crystal carries the Universal spiritual love tones for the promise that we the starseeds and would return to fulfill the promise to restore to the crystalline age of light with Gaia restore the frequencies of light. Archangel Maria a 10 th dimensional Angel of Cosmic light has blessed this creation and will assist you in connecting to the highest frequencies of light. Archangel Marie who is also an emanation of Sophia compares this to the Hope diamond it is a perfection creation as if holding the hand of God.

Brings in the white light surrounds you the divine white light open sacred channels of the Divine Human of light.

This very special quartz white light is filled with an immense power of chi which will be activate by its steward

Awaken dormant DNA Light encoding crystalline structures and enhancement of the light body, activate Atlantean golden age memories of superior healing and use

of crystal technology

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