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Sedona White light crystal with a touch of the magnetic red rock earth Vortex that amplifies the light power of pure authentic communications of your Higher self and Blue Ray empowerment . In a brass setting with two Sapphire Swarovski crystals on a 3.8mm Rolo chain jewelry lobster clasp extension facet chain with metal heart charm.

Bring in the while light connects all the chakras, but especially the crown and throat chakra empowerment of the Blue Ray enhancement of energies,

Have special Healing energies

These ultra-unique crystals are here to assist in our next stage of evolution towards the New One Earth. They have a life force of Nirvana of Home frequency. They have been revealed—allowed themselves to be discovered—to help Lightworkers and Starseeds in experiencing the home frequency and radiance of the Lost Holy Codes of Life and the nirvana of the Holy Grail. When you feel it is too hard to be on the planet any longer, these crystals can act as a dimensional doorway leading you back to your Higher Self and True Purpose.

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