Baby Holding Heart White Light Sedona Crystal Universal LOVE & Miracles

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"White Light Sedona Vortex Crystal", that connects you with Spiritual Power essence of Higher heart for the Grid Worker and Healer. Is a holding Healing Heart of Mother Earth Gaia has been touch by red rock magnetic blessings

Grid workers ~ Healers ~ New forerunners, Archangel Michael's Grail Code Lightworkers

Has the blessings of Mother Earth's Heart that she has sent through Love to this Creation for a healing stone intended for the deepest pain, to peace and stability for the emotional body, helping to overcome negative behaviors which may be from Karmic attachments needing Ancestral healing to transform energetic patterns

Can be used for healing, personal sessions place at heart chakra, uplifting thought and creating a seal of Protection and Light

This aids you to live your life in alignment with your hearts needs and aspirations. Its vibration may help you to love yourself, and this will in most of you, increase your level of self esteem.

The Heart creation from Mother Earth Gaia Connects you to The nature spirits, elementals, fairies, elves, gnomes, unicorns and divine beings and Deva's of the inner earth and higher etheric realms awakens enhancing your earth mission.

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