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Beautiful Goddess Isis Gold wings with lapis Devic Crystal LOVE Technology Bracelet ~

Powerful Egyptian Goddesses know as a Healer, Mother of the Universe, Queen of the Earth, Lady of the Light. Through the power of Love Isis brought Osiris back from the dead.

Especially hand crafted with Love by Shekina Rose, each one has imbued Blessings of the Language of Light Song Codes from Goddess Isis.

Swarovski crystals in a rose gold brass setting with adjustable jewelry lobster clasp, complemented with precious gemstone lapis, Isis Angel Gold wings of Light, radiate protection and ascension that has the actual Sedona White Light Crystal inside the Bracelet

Together they resonate to the Crystal Resonance Empowerment of Higher Love of the Sacred Divine Feminine Power of Love with Goddess Isis and Devas, Fairies, Mermaids and Mer angels.

Very special Crystal technology within the White Light Sedona Crystal and the Sedona Heart Devic rock that has been charged on the Rose Ray 333 Grid.

Wearing your bracelet will Activate and Connect you to Love, Self Love and Higher Love in the sacred divine feminine Power of of your inner Goddess.

Lapis Lazuli gemstone used by healers, priests and royalty, for power, wisdom and to stimulate psychic abilities and inner vision. It represents universal truth. Healing properties for the third eye and throat chakras, enhances intuition, release stress and can bring one inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts.

Empowers and connects you to Goddesses Isis and times of being a Priestess of the sacred sister ship of Light Know you have Light wings to soar astral travel and psychic abilities to use in service.

Assist you in working the sacred power of the Blue and Gold rays.

Invoke Goddess Isis and her energies to empower your own gifts of healing, intuition and awakening of the Goddess within you as a Priestess of Light.

Awakening your time of being with the Goddesses of Light.

With Healing love of the Mother Goddess


Sedona White Light Crystals

*Absorbs Energy and returns it to the Sender having transmuted and amplified it.

*Creates a White Light of protection around You.

*Cleanses the Auric field and Chakras, bringing New Beginnings.


I have always Loved my Bracelets and have been called to make New ones that Connected Me with the Unicorns, Fairies, Devas and Mermaids and have used the Crystal technologies from the Devas for my Self..... Now I have been asked to Make them for Others and share these Beautiful Connections with You.
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