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This is the Sedona World Peace Star Angel Pendant in Gold copper with Rare Sedona star family quartz druzy is 2 inches long by 1/2 wide

The Sedona Angel embracing the world...her heart is for world peace

Sedona Star family druzy carries the energies of the Sedona Vortex crystal city of lights

connection to your star family, the ELOHIM CRYSTAL GUARDIANS, and awakening of your crystalline DNA

Healing spiritual properties of Sedona Star family druzy:

  • Purify and amplify your body’s natural healing properties.
  • Empower and strengthen your spirit.
  • Assist in balancing your life to avoid depression or unnatural feelings of sadness, abandonment, or fear.
  • Re-energize and uplift you emotionally and as connection you to the DIVIINE HOLY MATRIX through the crystalline leylines of Sedona sacred vortex
  • Assist you in clearing block to your inner radiance of light

Designed and created by Shekina Rose

Receive a free Sedona Angel mp3 download with purchase

This very special pendant Sedona World Peace Angel carries the frequency of the Language of Light Peace and Love codes.

It will empower you to shine as a Lightworker and a Sedona Star Angel Guardian to watch over and guide you to amplify more of the frequency of Light. It is charged by the White light large master Sedona crystals technology.

Healing and Metaphysically benefits of Copper:

Chakras Base and Sacral Chakra

Copper is known to stimulate the flow of energy and enhance psychic abilities. Known as an energy conductor copper can move energy, amplify thoughts, assist in channeling and communicating with higher dimensional beings.

Copper can also ground and move wide array of vibrational frequencies from the spiritual realm to the physical realm.

Sedona Angel Gold Star, Blessings "May you feel the light of 1000 suns shine through your life of your true radiance. May you know that you are never alone, May you know the Angels of Light watch over you and sing your soul song of love, Open your arms as the Love of Creator has you" .

Special practice of Love:

Every single Sedona Angel pendant is activated by the Devic love frequency. I hold the pendant in my hand and my intention is for the highest love. I then put one hand on the address it's going to and the other hand holding the Sedona Angel pendant, singing a personal language of light blessings to you. The Sedona Angel pendant carries this personal blessing for you when you receive it.

Hear Sedona Angel the Light Workers of the frequency of Language of Light


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