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One of a kind Inner earth "White light Golden Healing Sedona Crystal", Cosmic Power of the vortex, language of Light healing LOVE codes.

This amazing creation has unearthed from the Sedona Vortex and is a crystalline activator, charger, purify and raising the frequency of your water and objects by placing it on the Sedona Heart Cosmic Crystal. A Divination technology that allows you to communicate with and to receive guidance from the divine. Using your intention and prayers holding the crystal in your hand pointing the tip to direct divine higher healing light energy.

For Sedona Angel Star Pendant ~ Language of Light

This crystal activates higher frequencies of the crown and heart 5d consciousness vibration that sings the crystalline Language of Light.

Also empowers the Base, solar plexus, and third eye Chakras

It is waiting for it's steward to be found to anchor the sacred energies.

Sedona Crystal Cosmic 5d Heart Activator is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. By simply having a in a room it will clean negative energy and increase the energy levels. It removes stagnant energy. This Cosmic 5d Heart Activator crystal will continue to be activated in your environment increasing spiritually, mentally and emotions growth and evolution.

Boost your psychic abilities, higher consciousness, and astral projection.

Especially wonderful for Heart Angelic Healers, Grid workers, Crystal Healer,'s New forerunners, Healers and Teachers

and Amazing for a gift for Language of light Activation

This special white light crystal carries the spiritual vortexes of powerful transformation energy of Sedona, Arizona that goes through intersections of natural earth energy also known as ley lines.

Can be used for group healing, personal sessions, use on your Altar, and when intended the crystal can cover larger areas, rooms, buildings, home & establishments for purifying vibrations that will cleanse auric fields and surroundings spaces, creating a seal of Protection of Light and will increase loving kindness.

Sedona White Light Crystals

Brings in the white light surrounds you the divine white light open sacred channels of the Divine Human of light. Hold and use your intention to being in the white light of protection around you.

*Absorbs energy and returns it to the sender having transmuted and amplified it.

*Cleanses the auric field and chakras, and brings new beginnings.

Great for meditation to hold and align your energy filed to calm, peace and balance.

This very special quartz white light is filled with an immense power of chi which will be activate by its steward

Awaken dormant DNA Light encoding crystalline structures and enhancement of the light body, activate Atlantean golden age memories of superior healing and use

of crystal technology

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