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Shekina Rose is now making available in person sessions in Sedona AZ with the amazing manifestation of the white light crystals of Sedona. After being touched by the Angels and initiate by Archangel Micheal, and the Angelic High Devas with Mother Earth Gaia realms, the Sophia presence and anointed in the Rose Ray by physical apparitions of Mother Mary

The in person session availability came also as realizations that many of her clients from all over the world and others who travel to Sedona could greatly derive immense benefits from these personal crystal activation's with the Angels. Through sacred sound in the language of light the Ascended Masters as the Angels come and merge with Shekina, during these sessions that assist greatly to raise one vibration frequency.

Using her intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, she has been doing private healing sessions since 2008 and in Sedona, AZ mostly all over the phone, since her more recent awakenings with the Angels, Near Death Experiences has increased the Cosmic Language of Light awakening. Shekina is here to assist you with her loving and caring presence to tune into your higher self and Guides as a conduit for Higher frequencies as she knows every session is sacred and is an appointment with the Divine.

Your first session $244..00 and there after $188.00 is 40 minutes on the table please email Shekina to inquire on this in person session in Sedona, AZ

Shekina Rose is an Angel Medium Language of light Harmonic vocalist, who is a vehicle for the Archangels and Angels to come through for healing, awakening spiritual transformation to occur.

Using the rare Sedona White light crystals and crystals wands are placed on or around the you for own cellular awakening, Angel Crystal Healing Activation a is a holistic unique combination of therapy Using the language of light sound healing and Angelic Ascended Master realm Membership

Crystal healing with the Angels and ascended beings could assist in range of physical concerns and health challenges to stress

  • Angel Crystal Healing. Angel Crystal Healing a revolutionary therapy using the rare Sedona White light crystals, Sound awakening healing of the language of Light
  • message from your angel,
  • seeking greater balance more emotional or spiritual insights and awakening
  • increase your personal support and receive new and increased assistance from the Ascended Masters and angels
  • Attunement of your crystalline light bodies
  • heart awakening

1 visit is 244.00 and there after is 188.00 for a session upgrade healing and paid in cash or check at time of session

at the Sedona Healing Energy STUDIO

50 Stutz Bearcat Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336-5242, United States

Science has analyzed the voice of Shekina Rose, and verified that her vocals contain the whole lost scale of the ancient Solfeggio scale of 528 Hz Love "Solfeggio", Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), they also include the breakthrough mathematical equations of Creation, discovered by scientist Mark Rodin,along with other frequencies not discovered yet.

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