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Sedona Vortex Crystal Healing Wand Healers ~ Healing technologies of the

from the Devic High light realms made of Copper rod has 27 frequencies of healing energy essence that is needed at this time to align assist in healing the Bodies chemistry and balance for radiant health and well being.

electromagnetic frequency balancing with the earth alignment

Contains: white light higher earth vortex crystals, Cathedral Rock crystalline water elements, tree spirit medicine, wood zinc and properties of the Devic realms.

Stabilizes your energy body release excess energies transforming them and grounding and clearing your energy field

Activates the energy centers of body

Used to enhance meditation activate the psychic centers

Similar to the Egyptian Healing Rod the Sedona Vortex Crystal Healing Wands materials and crystals are from activated and run through the Vortex's of Sedona AZ.

Humanities collective and Individual and emotional body deepest healing to peace and stability while helping to overcome negative behaviors, which may be karmic attachments from Past lives and Ancestral Healing for transforming energetic patterns. This White light Crystal Heart has nurturing energies of the Earth Mother with the Feminine power. It's connector of the of the Elves, Fairies higher healing energies of Earth Spirit and Beings.


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Kymberley Maajii Griffin I have sat in the presence of these extremely powerful Healing wands.. Before I had even touched them I felt their energy..when I picked each individual one up.. I felt them projecting healing energy into areas of tension..soreness.. pain..all dense trapped my body..I was awakened to their gifts..and I realized how amazing they are..Blessings

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