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Contains: White light higher Earth Sedona vortex crystals Cathedral Vortex and sacred living pure waters is 8 1/2 inches long

Healing technologies from the Devic High light realms made of Copper wand

Works with the Water, water Deva Nature spirits clears and purifies the water of your body and your drinking water to pure alive crystalline Waters.

Raises your frequency

enhances meditation

Can be used for energy healing sessions or alone

the Devic Technologies is to assist in the energy balancing systems

with any disorder or aliment of structure or function of the body that is not in alignment to the true essence of health and vitality it helps the cells to remember in the balance of natural Nature to increased vitality, good physical and mental health,.

Awakening You in the Crystalline resonance connection to everything impairs normal functioning

a higher level frequency.

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Kymberley Maajii Griffin I have sat in the presence of these extremely powerful Healing wands.. Before I had even touched them I felt their energy..when I picked each individual one up.. I felt them projecting healing energy into areas of tension..soreness.. pain..all dense trapped my body..I was awakened to their gifts..and I realized how amazing they are..Blessings

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