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Re-birthing of the Holy Mother frequency into Harmonic balance and light

Very rare stunning Cathedral Lightbearer is one of kind that comes from the Cathedral Rock Vortex from the Crystal City of lights. In silver brass setting surrounded by Swarovski crystals brass base 27 mm round Sedona Star Family quartz in Red Rock

This very special star duzy quartz crystal filled with immense support for your soul's destiny path a rebirth symbolized by the white light crystal for leadership coming into one true destiny path that come from serving the group and humanity.

This gorgeous Cathedral Lightbearer the Quartz crystals that appear as one large white crystal with many smaller crystals contacting and interpenetrating one another assist in unification of higher light consciousness. The crystals that form upon the body of the “mother” are similar to data banks in the sense that they can gather universal knowledge. These data banks are open and clear until conscious thoughts and intentions are projected in them. The energies in the Cathedral Lightbear project outwards as they stand open to receive the impressions of the universal mind as well as collective thought forms to higher transformation healing. These crystals are capable of being programmed and relaying information.

The Cathedral Lightbearer crystal can contain lost ancient sacred knowledge of Atlantean Crystal Wisdom and holy people of Lemuria.

Cathedral Lightbearer crystal Qualities:

*Protection, spiritual growth, breaking addictions and old patterns

The higher self Rebirth from the collective conscious and generational cycles of

trauma and dysfunction gleaming the Soul incarnations of wisdom living the heart of Source

You are the new form of love that has to come to the planet from the old soul matrix consciences pioneering a new way of being.

Awaken dormant DNA Light encoding crystalline structures and enhancement of the light body, activate Atlantean golden age memories of superior healing and use

of crystal technology

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