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Sedona Pyramid of Ancient Mother Earth Power of Divine balance Pendant in a silver non tarnish setting. This first and one of kind Serpentine Fairy Crystal Stone has unique Ancient Earth Power. It is found in Prescott AZ, in the wild Faerie land adjacent to Jerome AZ. High on the mountain in the fairy forest, that over looks Sedona Crystal city. This sacred earth stone sang out to fine its steward to reveal ancient healing powers of Mother Earth Gaia of the fairies, elfs, druids, Awen, and Merlin energies.

Pyramid of Light creates balance of harmony and peace, while creating a protection field around you in the Sedona frequency sacred technologies.

This sacred earth stone contains Serpentine of green streaks in feldspar going through the center. To bring you energy of transformation and rebirth and awaken powerful kundalini energy.

Sedona Pyramid Ancient Earth Power} Serpentine Fairy stone proprieties and feldspar Healing qualities -

  • Heals the etheric body and cleanse the aura and offers up a protective “shield” to block anything negative that may attach to you.
  • Serpentine is associated with the heart center and has very regenerative energy, increase your life-force on all levels. It helps protect your heart and emotions, aligning you with the resilience and flexibility of serpent energy. It feels vibrant and joyful.
  • Gives strength and empowerment of new energies for you to accomplish our goals.
  • Connections to Merlin, fairies and elfs
  • Empowers and awakens the Goddess Priestess and High Priesthood in you

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