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"Sedona Angel " is a very special pop love song featuring the Language of Light healing frequency. "Sedona Angel" also pays homage to the Light workers from all over the world who continue sending their Light out as they are assisting to heal and awaken our planet to Love. Can Skylark and Shekina Rose are the vocalists on the track. Shekina Rose sings in a ancient Language of Light, "the Ancient Solfeggio scale in the 528 Hz Miracle, Healing and Transformation".

"Sedona Angel" was written by Tim Smith for Shekina Rose. "Sedona Angel" is a love story about Tim and Shekina's connection to the Angels. Tim Smith career spans 30 years in the music industry and he never knew about the power of the "Language of Light"; until he was invited by Shekina to one of her events. They instantly fell in love and Tim and Shekina knew that there mission was to promote the "Language of Light." Tim has since started "Sedona Music Group" with Steve Valenzuela coming on board to produce Shekina's "Language of Light" music.

Shekina had been called by the crystals of Sedona to make frequency healing technology. This Jewelry features the frequency of Light. Wearing the jewelry activates your higher frequency through the Language of Light. Shekina Rose is a Healer, Medium and Channel of the Angels.

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