Sedona Vortex Crystal City of lights Atlantean Power Portal Activator Pendant & Device

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Rare one of its kind in the world manifestation from the

Sedona Vortex Crystal City of lights

{number 1, 2018}

Vortex Crystal from the Crystal City of lights In silver brass setting surrounded by Swarovski crystals 45mm brass base 27 mm round Sedona Star Family quartz in Red Rock

This very special quartz crystal geode is filled with an immense power of chi which will be activate by its steward

Awaken dormant DNA Light encoding crystalline structures and enhancement of the light body, activate Atlantean golden age memories of superior healing and use

of crystal technology

Will strengthen your connections to the earth and water around you.

carries the rejuvenation and intensifies energy of the red rock mountains

Empowers and supports your higher purpose.

Note this is a very powerful peace and will empower and shift things in your life increase psychic abilities, activator of the 3rd eye and crown chakra and has the power of the Sedona spiritual vortexes that are powerful and transformational. There could be increased communications with the Higher light beings and galatic beings sightings and their ships. Know you will be the steward of this Sedona New Earth Atlantean Power Pendant in creating the new earth.

Power peace of Sedona Alantean Crystals, a healing power activator peace that will enhance your aura and strength of soul light divinity.

Can be used a healing activator place a the 3rd eye and in aura to seal energy.

Geodes have a very special energy can be beneficial to health increasing well-being and spirituality.

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