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Universal Source Frequency Harmony Stone this Sedona Crystal Tower standing near 3 " tall by 2 1/5" wide is one of kind treasure that radiates the Universal Source Frequency Creator Codes of Harmony, a sacred technology. This Sedona White light creation transmission is inspiration, focus, focusing your intentions, direction and Healing. Holding it and pointing acts like a wand to direct energy and healing. Placing it up creates a upliftment of energies in your surroundings and radiated the White Light of Love holding from the the side of Mother earth red rock imprints brings in the healing energies.

~ The Radiant beings of Light and White Light of Love will support you, your life work, path and mission.

Grid workers ~ Healers ~ New forerunners ~ as upliftment and harmonizer to your home, workplace, altar, healing and meditation space.

Can be used for personal and group healing, mediation, personal sessions and when intended the Ascended Masters Stone can cover large areas, rooms, buildings, home & establishments for purifying vibrations there by cleansing auric fields and surroundings spaces, creating a seal of Protection and Light

On one side has the miraculous Red Rock imprint of Mother Earth's Gaia that she has sent through Love to this Creation for a healing stone intended for the deepest pain, to peace and stability for the emotional body, helping to overcome negative behaviors which may be from Karmic attachments needing Ancestral healing to transform energetic patterns.

Healing Properties of Gold crystal is excellent for attuning to the higher planes during meditation. It encourages mental alertness and grounds mental energies into the physical body. Unique ability to transmit energy, and encouraged you to keep striving for your goals, surrounding by an energy shield that dispels doubt, low self-esteem, and negative self-talk.

Will assist in raising your thoughts to a higher level.

[You will be the steward of this crystal for the planet and to connect to the White Light of Love Healing. It will reveal more to you as your work with Sedona White Light Crystal White Light of Love Healer}.

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