Songs of Infinity in the Language of Angels at Cathedral Rock {Direct Download}

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The Songs and melodies are a one of kind recording that come through once as an Angelic portal of light occurred when I was at the Cathedral Rock Vortex, of Sedona, AZ.

There is no place on Earth that we cannot reach you—we are here and always with you. All you need to do is ask.

444 is the sign of the Angels.Singing in the tongues of the Angelic language allows us to be nourished with the divine presence of the Angelic realms.

Each of these Songs of Infinity has a special message, the essence of which is to bring you into the Angelic Presence and connect you to an Intention Prayer. Trust your inner self to choose the songs for tuning into the divine realms to expand greater meditation and higher guidance.

Played in loops, the songs are extremely beneficial when working with clients for healing, body work, yoga and other sacred arts. They will uplift and transform your healing center to its highest presence.

Wings of Light 4:24

Fairy Magical Land 2:54

Angelic Love 3:12

Love is Touching Heaven 1:45

Light is Coming 1:58

Star Being 2:00

Invocation to the Angels

I Love You Gateway 4:50

Starbeing Song 2:00

Homecoming: Light is Here 2:20

I love You Gateway 4:15

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