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This crowing is for all souls that have chosen their mission as a lightworker upon the Earth, whether you are a healer, teacher, gridworker, gardener, medical professional, mother, father, etc. This will amplify your level of light and love for the work you are here to do personally and move you forward in your process.

The receiving of this christed feminine light will amplify your own codex, allowing you to continue your journey connected to the higher realms of consciousness as an amplified light bearer, working as a source in the unity field of consciousness for a graceful and easy flow of humanity as a whole.

In a sanctified manner and with complete benevolence, we share this information with you. This day is a day of forward momentum through the collective energies of your earthly eclipses and resurrections.

We celebrate at this time, a day of infinite light that is on your earth, birthing this day as the World Day of Light from this point forward. Referred to as Pentecost it will now be continual as the Holy World Day of Light that brings forth the harmonic balance of the divine feminine and masculine Christed state of humanity. Each year you celebrate will raise the consciousness of the people, and the light will amplify within you for new levels of your personal existence.

If you are ready to bring harmony and balance to yourself and to humanity, then this is for you! Let us start the new World Day of Light together. It is our time for this upgrade for all souls to balance so within and so without. What happens within you happens outside you.

The following is a channeling about the Divine Feminine Christ Coronation for all souls. Women and Men.

“We are most pleased to bring these frequencies through this divine transformation through transmission.

Coronation of the crowning of the Divine Feminine, which is, in your terms, the Holy Spirit, the hidden Mother Goddess energy of the divine creator source.

It is the accumulation of all the mother energies that have gone before you, which will not yield their energy anymore. A significant amount of light has freed the gateways to allow this to happen upon the earth for all of humanity, women and men.

We are here to collectively, as one divine feminine energy, transmit the holiest of holy divine light energy for the rise of feminine purity in every soul.

It is the blessing of the holy white rose of purity that lies within all souls. It is your divine connection to the creator’s womb and heart.

In this blessed transmission, all will receive the blessing of the Holy One, which is no longer confined by the minds of those who do not understand who they are.

Be this as it may, we take a step back and allow the transmission to be clean and pure in love’s light of the Holy Sacred festival during the crowning of Mary for all souls to understand the crowning is the blessed opening of the crown and connection to the celestial realms for their growth and evolution. All is well.”

The Sisters of Light.

Wayshowers Shekina Rose & Keleena Malnar bring to you an extraordinarily heartfelt and powerfully activating webinar.

This webinar welcomes all Empaths, Starseeds, Sensitive Souls, WayShowers, Lightworkers, Grid Workers, and anyone on their journey of Awakening for the "Divine Angelic Human."

Both Shekina and Keleena assist all souls in their awakening journey.
As super-sensitive Blue Ray empaths, both experience days when silence, rest, and peace are much needed to integrate the changes occurring within the bodies as their sensitivity levels heighten with each new shift in frequency.

Both understand through their own experiences and utilize their wisdom as wayshowers to assist you, whether you are super sensitive or newly experiencing sensitivity with your awakening and transformation.

What you can expect from the Language of Light Activations, Upgrades, and Channelings:

Channeled information on the Ascension Energies: What’s happening to the empaths and newly sensitive?

*Clearing and releasing soul contracts, vows, oaths, black magic from all incarnate lives, and more.

*Sacred Heart I AM presence alignment.

*High-frequency divine light language sound codes will be performed to activate you through your DNA at the cellular level to align you with the new vibration of your soul essence.

*Ascension Group attunements will increase the holy divine power within you.

*Earth code heart transmissions to release stress/anxiety.

Angelic Sacred Heart Song chakra clearing, balancing, and healing.

*Fairy Devic Song transmissions & light language activations for joy & happiness frequency.

*Galactic Star codes for sensitivity & healing.

*Ancient & Ancestral light codes upgrade for your personal development.

*Devas of Healing Radiant Codes Divine Soul Heart Alignment.

*Earth Star Shamballa Unity Chakra New Earth Grounding the earth sensitive.

*Shekina & Keleena are specialists in their fields as Wayshowers of the Awakening for Ascension.

Both are Divine Channelers, Light Language DNA Key Code Breakers & Activators, Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healers, Intuitives, Psychic, Visionary, Light Language harmonizers, Crystalline frequency voice activators, Vibrational Frequency Changers, Artists, Songstress and more.

Are you ready to join these two high-frequency activators for multi-level upgrades for this two-hour webinar?

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