Language Of Light in 528 Hz Frequency

"Shekina Rose is a Language Of Light Harmonic Vocalist ~ Offering ANGELIC Miracle SOUND HEALING on line media presentations, phone sessions, Music, Videos and CDs."

Shekina is a Angelic Messenger harmonic vocalist singer in the Language of Light even though she does not consider herself a singer, she sings and tones only to bring in the Language of Light, the Holy Frequencies of Creation. Where she was attuned when she went to Heaven and back through a near death experience.

In amazing discover a Physicist analyzed Shekina's voice and verified that her vocals contain the 6 pure tonal notes of the whole lost ancient Solfeggio scale of the frequency of 528 Hz Love, Transformation, Miracles and DNA Repair.

Heaven and the Light has told Shekina that the Solfeggio frequencies are part of the language of light.

The language of light is spoken of in the controversial Dead Sea Scrolls, The Keys of Enoch "The lost Enochian knowledge that reveals the mother tongue as a language of Light.

​Upon hearing Shekina Rose voice transmissions, many individuals report having instant healings and awakenings.


In Shekina's latest CD entitled SEDONA CRYSTAL CITY, she gives the Light Language Transmission Keys for the Planetary Awakening to the City of Lights

Crystal Keys Awakening -------------------11.38 min.
Crystal City of Light --------------------------5.23 min.
Sedona Light -----------------------------------5.36 min.
Love & Compassion; Gaia's song -------7.49 min.

Revealing the awakening of the crystalline structure in the DNA blue print Light Source radiance Higher dimensional resonances field with in the DNA body template crystal light of the body

The crystals of Sedona awakenings the cell structure of resonances.

This is a very special Language Keys transmission songs that came from the crystals of Sedona, a rare manifestation from the Planetary Crystal City of Light. This transmission awaken the Planetary Crystal city of lights and the crystal template bridge of the body template - Connecting you to the Sedona Crystal City and healing love of Gaia.

The crystals and the City of lights appeared to Shekina Rose and awakened light force in her cellular template and increased a higher frequency of home and the Joy of living.

FREE Activations, DNA Repair and Transmissions.

Some of the many toninings in the Language Of Light, that is available to all of humanity to assist with their Ascension process at this time. Just listen to the videos.