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Shekina is an Angel Medium, Sound Healer and Songtress for the Language of Light, Channel of the Blue Ray, “The Blue Ray Transmissions” with the latest Ascension Energies, Updates and Ascension Symptoms that empower and activate the ultra-sensitive empath starseedsCreator of “Shekina Rose; Sedona Vortex Frequency Crystal Pendants and Activators, Ancient sacred technologies“,  Shekina is a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances.

Shekina had never sang until after her three Near Death Experiences that activated in her to sing in the miracle frequencies of the Language of Light. 

Science has analyzed the voice of Shekina Rose, and verified that her vocals contain the whole lost scale of the ancient Solfeggio scale of 528 Hz Love "Solfeggio", Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), they also discovered in her voice the God Frequency of the Muisc of the spheres, that  include the breakthrough mathematical equations of Creation, discovered by scientist Mark Rodin. 

Many who experience her song and vocal transmissions report having instant Healings and Awakenings and feel the blessings of the Divine Mother and the Angels. 

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She lives in Sedona Arizona USA, where you can experience her Sacred Sound healing performances, workshops and Events. You can meet Shekina for a personal showing in Sedona to experience the Sacred technology Radiant Codes Rose Frequency Jewelry and devices.

Sedona AZ, sacred Sisters of the Rose & Initiation Event 2023   

{{Book a Session here}} Be touched by the Angels; Hear your spiritual Guides with messages, what is your Higher Purpose and Soul gifts, become attuned for Divine guidance  phone sessions through a Soul Reading, Galactic Origins Spiritual gifts Activations and DNA Upgrade for Template Clearing Master Codes Healing. Shekina is a Angel Medium Clairaudient channel and has an empathic intuitive gift of opening into the higher realms hearing the messages of the Spiritual Hierarchy and able to clear discordant energies on your path.

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Wa He Ah (We Are Here) Fairy's Message to Humanity in the Language of Light Shekina Rose's 1st single release on radio

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Sacred Feminine Art by Montserrat

Shekina Rose is a Language Of Light Harmonic Vocalist ~ Offering Music,Videos and CDs that are in the rarified 528 Hz vibration.

Shekina Rose is the Peace Emissary and Channel of the Blue Ray and is here for the ultra Sensitive empath starbeings

After being visited by the Pleiadians, Crystal City of Lights where the Sedona Crystals manifested from the vortex Shekina was given access to ancient sacred technologies, where she uses to make All Sacred Technologies Frequencies Pendants & Activator, which are available in our Store.

Some Of Her Videos

Susanna HortonAcupuncturist, CA.
Shekina is a rare case of one who is incarnated and holding and bringing in the energies of the Goddess on the Highest Dimensions. She channels a very rare and pure form of the Goddess Source. She is an ambassador from the Light of the Holy Spirit, maybe she is a Seraphim...or simply a representative from the realm of the Divine Mother goddess in a human body labels aside, she is a rare Being.

Latest Blue Ray Transmissions Ascension Symptoms:

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