528 Hz Language of Light Cherubic Hymn Gregorian Chant Transmission Activation Prayer for Ascension

528 HZ Language of Light/DNA Karma Clearing/Soul Level Sadness & Trauma/Open to Spiritual Self

Shakara/Sacred Divine Feminine Healing Initiation of Love in Sacred Union 528 HZ

Blue Ray Soul/ Are You From the Blue Ray? Blue Starseed Empath

4d shambhalla/Inner Earth Initiation Gaia’s Light Language Transmission/Sedona AZ

Angelic Love” 444 Gift from the Angels/Sung in a Angelic Language/Ancient Solfeggio

11:11 Gateway Starseed Mission — Codes Of Light

Blue Ray Empath New Earth Body Template Unity Grid Activation

Violet Rose Flame 528 Hz DNA/Clearing/Transmutation Ancient Star Language Transmissions

Shekina Rose Sings "A Love Song from Venus" Healing the Heart Template in Angelic Language

Language of Angels 444 ~ DNA Global Shift Transformation - Codes Of Light

New Pleiadian StarGate DNA/Light Language Starbeing Activation/Template Sedona AZ

Stargate Portal Light Language ~ Galactic Activation Sedona AZ Vortex

Gaia Point Activation Angelic Human Star Seed Upgrade~528 HZ Miracle & Love

Language of Light" 528 Hz Love & Miracle Sound Transmissions - Divine Blueprint Activation

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