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Archangel Michael Thoughtform Release Clearing

Archangels Chamber of Ascension Protection, Power Healing & Love is a Celestial gateway to the

Mystical Miraculous powers of the Archangels that align you to the Higher Realms, invoking the archangels, and acts as protection from negative energies.

Archangel Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection”, is a real energetic dimensional grid of the Divine celestial realms that will strengthen your vibrational frequency. The Archangel Chamber is divine Dispensation given by the Archangels of two rounded pyramids one of top of the other with you in the center. Your Archangels Chamber will clear and transmute negativity keeping you in a sacred space of divine alignment, divine power divine healing, harmony and divine love.

There are 9 archangels at the corners of your Archangel Chamber creating Archangel Alchemy for your life that include the 3 fold flame Archangels at your heart and with Shekinah and Gaia .Each archangel will personally shower you with their divine healing blessings as your energetic archangel chamber is created. You can call on the Archangel Chamber of Ascension Protection, Power Healing & Love at any time that will create instant heavenly Sacred Power of the God source.

Archangel Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection

Strengthens your connection, and communication with the Archangels and angelic realms

  • Use to magnify and focus your intentions and affirmations
  • Increase and empowers all healing.
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