Archangels Protection, Clearing & Love Attunement Chamber 528 Hz Love, Miracle & DNA Repair Ancient {Direct Download}

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This CD attunes you to the “Archangels Chamber” for you to embody your true soul core essence, creating protection, clearing, healing and attuning you to the Archangels

included powerful transmission from Archangel Michael

{Archangel Michael thought form release clearing 8.50 mins} and
{Archangel love frequency}

In this CD are powerful energetic healing of the 528 Hz Love, Miracle & DNA Repair Solfeggio Frequencies. Shekina's Voice Transmissions were analyzed by a Physicist, who verified that her vocals resonate to the 528 Hz Miracle frequencies and the whole lost Ancient Solfeggio scale. Shekina is not a singer, and sings and tones only in the Language of Light, the Holy Frequencies of Creation, where she was attuned when she went to heaven and back in her near death experience.

You may share the Archangels Transmissions in groups where the healing frequency are amplified, or find a comfortable position and create a quiet sacred space to experience this CD. Many accounts of instant healings, shifts, awakenings and blessings by the Archangels have occurred upon hearing the Sacred Sound Transmissions.

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