Beautiful Deva/Fairy Pendant

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Swarovski crystals in a silver brass plated setting comes with necklace

Especially hand crafted with Love by Shekina Rose, imbued Blessings of the Language of Light Song Codes from the Goddess LOVE of AVALON.

~This Gorgeous Deva pendant radiating soft holy pure essence of the Devic Fair Nature realm.

Nature Devas, Tree spirits are reawakening with in our hearts as we embody more our true essence our Divine Human Radiant codes. Our pure connection with the beauty of the Goddess, Nature the Devas and Fairies, where the land is alive with spirit.

We can learn to communicate with the Devas and with all nature spirits. When humanity learns how to communicate with nature-beings, then we will live much more harmoniously in nature, in our natural world. And as we learn to literally communicate with nature, we will learn more about nature, including its etheric healing energies, its intelligences, and the spirit-presences of nature. We can literally learn from the Spirits of Nature, if we first learn to be sensitive in nature and communicate with these Spirits from our hearts and minds.

~Awakening your connection to the Devas, Trees spirits, fairies.

~Being a priestess, Fairy, time of Merlin, Goddess calling ancient powers of the divine feminine in Holy Love.

~ Healing love of the Mother Goddess

Your pendant has a Sedona vortex white light Crystal inside for your connection to the Crystalline crystal light grid.

Very special Sedona vortex Crystal technology as they are charged and activated in a pyramid with the White Light Sedona Crystal and Radiant Codes resonator.

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