Beautiful Rose Heart Bloom Sacred Self-Love/ Heart & Throat Chakra Expansion LOVE 33 Master Heart

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In a rose gold brass setting

Awakens the energy center of the Higher heart is the seat of acceptance, compassion and inner peace a bridge to the soul's spiritual heart.

The Higher Heart and sacred heart energy center is being awakened for the ascension on the planet.

Allow the heart expansion of Divine Love through the Rose Ray of Creation at your Higher Heart to awaken your radiance that can connect you with the Unified Field of higher light and Love. The Thymus higher heart energy center chakra can allow a holy connection of caring and compassion a web of connection that has not been possible before.


Can be used as a pendant to experience your heart rose radiance and as heart activator and healer, use when meditating and for healing and aligning the higher heart by placing at the heart and higher heart chakra.

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