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This is a transmission that come the two days before weesak Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th 2020 from the Higher realms. I heard it and recorded it once, i knew it was the celestial portal energies coming in for this most auspicious time of heighten spirituality.This is a

This very significant time of a Spiritual energy gateway happening on the Planet, WESAK ASCENSION FESTIVAL OF LIGHT, Full moon in Scorpio. Humanities Ascension gateway the veils are thin where you can connect to Shamballa, Inner Earth, and Fifth Dimensional Realm, your higher self, The New Earth. This transmission will help you connect, lift the veils of your true self, bring purification, upliftment and increased Light. YOu will experience the increase of the light energies through May 10th. Please pass this on it has the frequencies of liberation bringing heaven on Earth.

It will help you connect to the higher realms

Create purification

Tune into your own higher spirituality

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