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Angelic Human Upgrade New CHAKRA SYSTEM

Shekinah's Grace Divine Dispensation ~

Transmuting Core Soul Issues

Divine Dispensation of the ancient sacred technologies will activate your God DNA Template using the Solfeggio Sound Frequencies the "Language of Light" that triggers an ancient encodement of sacred alignment for you to embody your Higher Self Christed Essence that raises your vibrational frequency in your body.

These healing codes restructures your DNA to the Christ Pattering that allows for Shekinah's Graces to remove frequency distortions and lower vibrating energetic blockages, from both the chemical DNA and the DNA template to a Unified Field transmuting negativity.

You will be checked by advanced scanning methods to remotely scan your body's energy fields and then repairing them through the new Divine Dispensation Octaves of Light Ancient healing Codes, given to Shekina from the Higher Realms. This will allow for the activation of your Divine Original Blue Print that increases your Crystalline Light Body, so you may experience the magnificence of your radiant essence, increasing Joy, Love and Peace In your life.

Angelic Human Upgrade New CHAKRA SYSTEM

DNA Upgrade Template

  • Removes veils of distortions and allusion to your True Divine Power & Truth
  • Strengthens your Light Bodies and Energy fields
  • Creates greater access to the Life Force, Cosmic Pulse and to Source Creation increasing your manifestation, energy and true essence.
  • Clears, Transmutes and transcends implants, negativity, negative thought forms, past life vows, entities, spirit attachments, self sabotage, and blockages
  • Increases your telepathic and divine communion with the Angelic, Ascended Higher Light Realms and Dimensions, and your Souls Divine Power
  • Creates gateways to higher opportunities, profound wisdom, Your Higher Purpose, Sacred Gifts, increasing transcendence, alchemy and Grace in your life.
  • You will receive profound Divine Guidance that will assist you in clearing and resolving lingering Core Soul issue so you can move forward on a higher path- "be open"

Divine Mothers Dispensation to End of Suffering & Separation

Some of you may experience in your ascension process that you are ready to reach the next highest level of your ascension, the Christos, and Rose Ray levels and have challenges in shifting to that frequency in your body and maintaining it.

What can happen are discordant energies, unknown vows, lurking underling core issues and a mismatch alignment to the Christ Grid can occur that sabotages the process for you to reach the next level of your Christ consciousness. Many of the Blue Rays and Light Bears because of their empathic nature and ultra sensitivity can over accumulate excessive of energies and or openings in their energetic fields letting in interference. Because many of you are transformers and have done this for so long you may not know you have open doorways in your energy fields.

Mother Shekinah's Divine Dispensation empowers the Healing Codes to gently, yet powerfully transcends though Grace and unconditional Love that instantly transforms negativity and closes doorways in your energy fields that are not in God alignment If you are truly ready with an open heart it can happen that quick. And if you need more time for a slower integration Divine intelligence will bring this alignment to you in perfect Divine timing. Know that the session is complete and working in the higher realms and in your life, as this is the way of Grace through the Divine Mother Shekinah Rose and Blue Ray.

Shekina Rose has been gifted with amazing extra sensory spiritual sight, clarity, transcendence, communion with the higher realms and the healing codes of Creation; the miracle sound Solfeggio Frequencies that has been documented by science. Through her sacred abilities to connect astrally at the highest level, Shekina Rose can see your Soul Spirit essence bringing the healing Codes and wisdom giving you exactly what it is needed at the time of your session.

Caution: Please take responsibility for your own healing. You maybe given healing and integration methods from your highest guides/Higher Self that will assist in your DNA Upgrade Template -do your best to follow this divine guidance. This is a very powerful energetic upgrade this will shift your life and energetics. What you are still resisting that is not in higher alignment will shows it self. You will also be free to soar to new heights as there is not the resistance or blockage holding you back any longer. You are free!

  • $255 for a session over the phone
  • Over the phone 40 to 90 minutes depending on the sacred work that's need to occur
  • Shekina Rose spends 30 minutes before your session with your Soul, Higher Self and Guides. She receives clear direct guidance and starts the healing and activation process and performs the advanced scanning method to remotely scan your body's energy fields and repair them.
  • To assist in getting the most out of your activation spend 30 minutes before your session allowing for this healing by being quiet, praying, listening to spiritual music or meditating.
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