Goddess Transformations Shekina's Goddess Attunement On phone session/includes your address for the Time difference

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  • Receive Divine Feminine Powers through the chakras.
  • Become energetically balance and healed.
  • Receive spiritual gifts and divine healing from the Goddess of Light to enhance your life's path and purpose.

Divine Mother Goddess Shekina and the Goddesses of Light will empower each of your energy centers of your chakras to expand your sacred power, blessing you with peace and light, showering you with their spiritual gifts and transforming you with healing prayers for you to use in your daily life.

This is a very sacred and holy Attunement given by Mother Goddess Shekina and the Goddesses of Light to awaken and heal the divine feminine spirit within and bring balance and healing to you.

A handout with messages, transformational prayers, intentions and how to use their sacred power in your life will be given to you at the time of your attunement.

The Goddesses of Light will bless you with the following gifts during the attunement:

  • Shekina, the Divine Mother Goddess will shower you with the holy spirit and awaken you to your unique spiritual gifts from your soul star.
  • Mary Magdalene- Christian Goddess will reunite you with your twin flame showing you how to use the golden ray of Alchemy at your crown chakra.
  • Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Sacred Mysteries will gently opens your psychic vision and higher truth at your 3rd eye
  • Mother Mary, Christian Goddess -Mother of Jesus will awakens your sacred heart, attuning you to the power of the miraculous and will facilitate all other transformations in your life
  • Hathor, Ancient Egyptian Goddess will bring beauty and love to your voice so you may speak your divine truth
  • Quan Yin, Eastern Goddess of Compassion will clear your fears and emotional attachments. Thus creating confidence and strength to empower your Divine will.
  • Tara, Tibetan Goddess of Compassion will remove obstacles from your creative abilities, showering you with the essence of the stars so you may give life to your creations at your solar plexus.
  • Gaia, Greek Goddess as Mother Earth and Shakti Hindu Goddess of Primal Energy will give you the foundation of universal support, power and abundance so you may be fully present to the opportunities of the divine and embody your true essence.
  • Session over the phone for out of US. use whatsapp service "Shekina Rose"
  • This activation can also be performed in groups and at special events. Please contact Shekina for availability.

powers of the Archangels that align you to the Higher Realms, invoking the archangels, and acts as protection from negative energies.

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