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Mother Mary Blue mantel with the Sisters of the Sacred Rose Priestess lineage empowering through highest love the New Earth frequencies ray colors. Each color Swarovski crystals represents the New Earth Frequency with Mother Mary Aquamarine and the Rose Ray.

Especially hand crafted with Love by Shekina Rose, imbued Blessings of the Language of Light Song Codes

Swarovski crystals and Rose Quartz in a stretch Gold brass setting each rose flower on bracelet has been blessed in the sacred Rose Ray water and resonate to the Crystal Resonance Empowerment of the Divine Feminine Christ Rose of Higher Love and transformation healing of the Sisters of the Sacred Rose, Mother Mary heart lineage.

This beautiful creation was downloaded through Keleena Malnar the Cosmic Goddess Sisters of Rose Priestess who has traveled all over the world anointing women in the Rose of their sacred divine feminine empowerment and Magdalene Priestess essence. Shekina Rose also a sister of the Rose and Priestess of Rose created this creation that is a connection to our sacred lineage of the Sacred Divine feminine, sister of the sacred Rose. Keleena and Shekina recently facilitated a workshop ceremony two day event of the Sisters of the Rose and Celebration of Madelene at Sedona Creative life center. The jewelry and bracelets are connections and remembrances to our sacred Divine sisters ship and that hold and empowering a higher Love frequency.

Very special Sedona vortex Crystal technology as they are charged and activated in a pyramid on the White Light Sedona Crystal and the Sedona Heart Devic rock on the Rose Ray 333 Grid.

Wearing your bracelet will Activate and Connect you to Love, Self Love and Higher Love and to the Sisters of the sacred Rose, Priestess Christ Rose Ray Divine Feminine of Higher Love, Rose Ray Love Deva's Fairy and the Rose Angels.

Awakening your time of being a Sister of the Sacred Rose
Being a priestess, a Goddess calling who anchor Love with Mother Mother and Mary Magdalene

With Healing love of the Rose Ray

Connection to the Rose Angels

3rd chakra solar plexus healing empowerment focuses on your personal power as it relates to the external world and emotional divinity of intuition.

Rose Angels and Love Devas Fairy


I have always Loved my Bracelets and have been called to make New ones that Connected Me with the Unicorns, Fairies, Devas and Mermaids and have used the Crystal technologies from the Devas for my Self..... Now I have been asked to Make them for Others and share these Beautiful Connections with You.

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