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Shine your radiances awaken new aspect of your essence, Heart chakra awakening the higher heart expression expansion of your light, truth and gifts and in the Venusian Sacred Technologies

Lady Venus Goddess of Love, She is the Twin Flame of Beloved Sanat Kumara, she is a Being of Divine Love so great that most people can't even begin to comprehend its magnitude. She can emerge with you to help you remember the kingdom of Heaven is within and the beautify of your soul that is reflected in LOVE, the New Earth.

In a rose gold brass setting crystal Rose Swarovski stone surrounding by Swarovski crystal rhinestone this gorgeous pendant is broadcasting in the language of Light your Radiant codes of your Divine Blueprint though the Pink Ray through Lady VENUS and the Ascended Masters of your Angelic Christos template. In synergy with the Harmonic Creators Code mathematical equation has a Sedona crystal in side the pendant. Generating the white light crystalline Higher frequency from the Sedona vortex ley lines of Mother Earth.

Comes with a rose gold Stainless Steel Herringbone Snake Chain necklace with adjustable chain and heart charm.

Can be worn as a beautiful pendant and as a activator of the Holy Codes.

Included is a download template for you to use the Radiant Divine Blue Print Creators Codes Template Activator mediation and you can put your pendant on when not wearing.

Will assist in you in your connection and alignment with the ascended masters angels, angelic realms with healing and transmuting any mutations and non beneficial energies of your Divine DNA Holy Blue Print Angelic Divine Human.

Assist you in the maintaining High frequency vibrations with the support of the Universal Frequency of Harmony Creators Codes all in broadcasting through the pendant sacred technology.


Only the most highest continuous Holy spirit Light and beneficial positive empowering, supporting energies of constant waves of protection, illumination, Radiance, LOVE Harmonic Creator Codes and Highest Holies Light and Pure Love vibration frequency of the Highest Heaven and Light above Heaven continuous supporting can, will be here now and always. Continuous supporting through the highest devas devices fields of divine intelligence in the Holy unity oneness highest light of all souls where God is full whole in vibration our Harmonic Living creation code. God I am ~I am sovereign I am free


The last picture is of Lady Venus and LORD Sanat - KUMARA These Divine beings came in person to me with other ascended masters with beautiful soul spirit exchanges and as they showed me the Swarovski stone crystals and their light spectrum radiance ~ it is why i use them in the sacred technologies.

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