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This CD contains powerful energetic healing of the 528 Hz Love, Miracle & DNA Repair Frequencies that activate your Divine Original Blueprint. Please find a comfortable position and created a quiet sacred space to experience this CD. DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING A VEHICLE. Many accounts of instant healings, shifts, awakenings and blessings by Divine Mother Goddess Shekinah have occurred upon hearing the Sacred Sound Transmissions.

The Language of Light Healing Codes CD in the 528 Hz is a compete healing and activation that guides you entirely from start to finish. A true treasure of the divine that you can use anytime you wish. This Cd not only transforms negativity to the highest good and light within you, it transcends negativity though out your entire space where it is being played. The beauty of this holy transmission of Light in this CD is that it will only bring you to the level you are at and ready for energetically, it is gently yet powerful and honors your divinity completely.

This CD was completely channeled from the heart of Divine Mother Shekinah (13 –33-333) though Shekina Rose at the time it was recorded. This CD contains powerful energetic healing of the 528 Hz Love, Miracle & DNA Repair Frequencies that activate your Divine Original Blueprint.

Shekina's Voice Transmissions were analyzed by Physicist Attiqe Choudry, who verified that her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) and amazingly, the frequencies of the Grid of God. Many accounts of instant healings, shifts, awakenings and blessings by Divine Mother Goddess Shekinah have occurred upon hearing the Sacred Sound Transmissions.

~~~Testimonials Transformational Experiences from the Language of Light Healing Codes 528HZ CD~~~~~

The Divine qualities of Mercy, Compassion and Kindness created a powerful heart clearing, nurturing and healing for me, when I first heard Shekina Rose's Language of Light Healing Codes. This also produced an ecstatic blissful experience for me. I continue to listen to the Healing Codes whenever possible! Thank you Shekina for your wonderful work

Jeffrey Scott Basir/The Harmonic Visionary Ft. Lauderdale FL. USA

The Language of Light CD Takes me to another place with It's Loving Divine Transmission's of Flowing Love, Light & Vibration's!!!! The Loving, Healing Voice of Shekina Rose, is So Angelic for Constant Flowing Energy from the Divine Goddess/God of Creation; One cannot Help being Transported to your Original Creation Source!!!! I also felt the Bell's Vibrations bring it all together throughout the CD for the DNA Repair and Constant Flow within!!

I felt Lighter, more Peaceful and a Sense of Well Being after listening to the CD. I first played the CD when I received it, while being in a Meditative state, I woke up Six hours later, feeling to be in a Complete Place of Bliss!! The Healing CD will take you to another Level of your Light Body, while Expanding your Awareness of Who you are and why you are Here!! The CD is so Gentle and will move you gradually to where you are Going!!

Visually seen:

In Meditation there was the Brilliant White Light and Heart Felt Divine Energy Flowing in through the Crown Chakra connecting with the Heart at a Cellular Level!! here was a sense of just Floating and nothing else Existed Except Love, Peace & All was in the Moment!! There were pulsing Circular Multicolored Ancestor Lights coming in constantly!! Every time I listen to the CD there are Waves of Vibrational Energy Flowing through me, while feeling like my Aura is expanding out into the Universe!!!! I also was connected to my Original Place and Source of My Creation, from the Divine, as has been shared with me from Spirit World!!!!
Many Heart Blessing's To All, Tom/ Standing Bear!!!! USA

***Physical Healings

I was feeling very fatigued and not like myself, I put on the CD and with doing the God Codes, I started feeling the magic come back to me, my spirit lighting up again, it was like the life force filled me again. What I really enjoyed was how it came about so gentle and lovingly. I absolutely felt the presence of Mother Goddess speak to me directly it was wonderful. There was a healer that is an expert at dowsing who took my aura and spirit reading before I listen to the CD and after. My energetic complete wholeness and balance where measurable by the dowsing rods after listening to the healing Codes CD.

So grateful this exist, please make more!
Katrina Bishop

Dear Beloved Sister,

Thank you so much for your willingness to be the Divine Mother's messenger. Playing your CD created a truly miraculous healing from me. I felt the words straight from the Mother, and especially powerful was the command to be healed. I have had difficulties with my voice and the bronchial infection. I had been a bit discouraged about it. After the experience, I went to my music room and felt guided to pull up my song "Mother's Lullaby." I had put on some guitar background, but had no voices. So, I just felt to try- see what would happen. Amazingly enough, I had full voice and was able to lay three vocal tracks, mix and get a very good start on moving it along. My voice was strong and clear- better than it's been in months. Mary Angelico Utah, USA

I am listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies as often as I can. I am now finding that when I listen to them I no longer need much sleep at all.

Light and blessings Rosemary Austrailia
Higher Heart and Body Healing

Dear Shekina, I received your CD today and took me by great surprise when I started to listen, the sudden rush of energy that began to pulsate through me. I'm still buzzing from it minutes later :) It's absolutely beautiful and enchanting,

thank you Lorien Jantti Norway

This is what I experienced: I lied down and at first my right leg started shaking as if it wanted to expel some unwanted energy (my toe was hurting). Then I felt pain in my left hand fingers, but pleasant vibrations were starting to occur in my body. What I noticed most was that I couldn't let go of my head, it was as if it didn't want to let go of the control, but at the end of the session it subsided and the most wonderful vibrations pervaded my body. These vibrations became higher and higher till I was no longer feeling my body and was very heavy, I couldn't (and didn't want to!) get up. This lasted for half an hour after the healing and I now feel very light and my heart is vibrating.
Blessings to you, Rosemary Rome Italy

***Clears Negativity

Thank you, wow, 528 Hz Miracle CD was spectacular, so much Divine Shekina Rose for the beautiful healing cd. I have listened to it a few times only and have been buzzing with positive vibrations, and it seems the weight that I was carrying on my shoulders has magically melted away, like snow that melts in the beautiful sunshine. Than you and much gratitude from my heart to yours,

Much Love, Light and Peace, Helen Pauline! British Columbie Canada

Dearest Goddess Shekina Rose,
When I listen to the Healing Codes CD last evening - I was in total relaxation. There are no earthly words to describe the beautiful feeling during the transmissions. Thank you for sharing with us all.
With much love and gratitude. MaDonna Lake

Shekina, just to let you know how listening to your CD channeling is- the second time around was even more powerful! I played the CD from a channeling of miracle healing tones and frequencies and blessings from the Divine Mother Shekinah. It was so powerful- again- and I felt literal changes happening within my body. I felt kind of like in the zone!

Thank you Shekina, for your channeling is Beyond Mind, beyond world, bringing the Divine Language and Grace to uplift who so ever has the good fortune and open heart to hear.
Susanna Horton LA, USA

My beloved dog of 14 years passed away on Valentine's Day in my arms. I played Shekina Rose's CD emitting the frequencies. Moments after listening to the sound transmission she peacefully transitioned. I felt the presence of the angels. I feel so grateful that she went so peacefully with the assistance of the high vibrations and angelic realms.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! XOXO Stefanie Miller Davie FL, USA

Magical 528 Hz Miracle Stories Connecting the Light Bears from around the World

I recently purchased your CD while I was in the states. I packed it and brought it with me to the wonderful Caribbean island of Roatan. Before I could listen to it, I was off again to the mainland of Honduras, where I went to Copan and visited the Mayan ruins there. It was an amazing activation for me being in Copan at the ruins and the first thing I did when I returned to the island was listen to your CD.

I was visiting with a friend here on the island and I was bragging about your wonderful CD and the amazing experience I had listening to it. I couldn't believe when he got up, walked away and returned holding your CD in his hand. What a magical moment. Here, on this wonderful, beautiful small island in the Caribbean are two people connecting and talking about how amazing your CD is and how we both benefited greatly from listening to it.
I just thought you would love knowing that your amazing work and product of your loving energy has made its way here to the island.
Love and light, Sally Houston Texas USA

Dearest Shekina,
Bless you for this message. I have shared listening to your wonderful cd with so many friends and it continues to inspire and communicate it's profound gifts and healing.
Sending so much love and beautiful blessings.
Fion New Zealand

Angel Healing

Dear Shekina,. I feel with all my heart the importance of these Sacred frequencies. When I listen to your CD the angels work on me on all levels and help me to incorporate my divine blueprint the sensations are unamazinable, I feel like someone is working on my head, I feel whirling enegies over all my body, waves of bliss and today I felt an etherical flame wich literally blazed from my first first chakra up above my top one and above all ` it is so nice to feel once again after a long separation a most glorious hug of our divine Mother.

Thank you for your work, effort and courage! The knowledge you are bringing to humanity is valuable beyond measure.
Ваня Стойчева Crotia

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