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2 x 2 magnetic resonator Shine your radiances awaken new aspect of your true essence of your higher expression.

Restoring your energy vibration and field back to your Radiance code of your original divine blueprint.

Assist you in maintaining balance and works at aligning you with the support of the Universal Frequency of Harmony Creators Codes.

The Radiant Codes Activator works on restoring your energy field back aligned to radiance and the original intent of the Creator from the Divine feminine aspect of Creator. Transmutes and transcends harmful EMFs and restores and resets the energy field to balance and harmony.


Can be used for:

  • Activating radiant healing water
  • Place on your computer for radiant harmony
  • Crystal Tuner amplifies the healing power of crystals
  • Grid Work
  • Empower your intentions
  • And more you will be guided in how to use.

Only the most highest continuous Holy spirit Light and beneficial positive empowering, supporting energies of constant waves of protection, illumination, Radiance, LOVE Harmonic Creator Codes and Highest Holies Light and Pure Love vibration frequency of the Highest Heaven and Light above Heaven continuous supporting can, will be here now and always. Continuous supporting through the highest devas devices fields of divine intelligence in the Holy unity oneness highest light of all souls where God is full whole in vibration our Harmonic Living creation code. God I am ~I am sovereign I am free

This sacred technology is an extension of the star resonator, radiating the Creator Codes signal and protection frequency and harmonics of the White light crystals of Sedona, Shamballa, Crystal City of Light. This sacred technology came on the planet in 2020, in response to the attack and manipulation to the Creators Code of the Human Divine original blueprint. This Radiance code Activator is a device that works through the Higher Devic Deva High Nature Divine Intelligence of purity. It can be have similar values as a radionics machine though uses the quantum field of the Divine Holy Matrix.


Besides using my Magical Radiant Codes Activator Device everyday for my water blessings and jewelry, I put under my pillow one night and wow i felt my crown chakra open and i could feel i was lifted to a higher frequency and realms opened. The next morning the Mother of the White Rose visit me i was with her in that realm, bringing the cleansing and purity here on the Earth, i also had many other sacred divine visions and insights for my life. Shekina Rose

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