Magnificence Rose Gold Magdalene Rose Crest Venusian Star Pendant 244.00

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Mary Magdalene Rose Crest Venusian Star is a Rose Gold brass amulet pendant with bail is 2 inches long by 1 an half wide with center fuchsia Swarovski Crystal surrounded by four Swarovski Crystals of the white Light ray for your Goddess empowerment Awakening of Mary Magdalene Christed Feminine Crest Grid of Light.

From the Sacred Rose Priestess line Especially hand crafted with Love, This is special unique one of kind design pendant created by Shekina. imbued Blessings of the Language of Light Song Codes of Mary Magdalene and blessed in the Rose Ray water. A sacred Temple portal of the high frequency of the Rose heart.

In the times of the Egyptian Mystery Schools of Isis, the Magdalene order received their initiations through the Venus Star Temple activating their Holy Sophia Christ Consciousness Power.

You create this holy rose space in many areas and ways in your life Christed Feminine codes of embodiment, with the sistership and as grid worker of rose healing of earth of the Rose line. You once studied and lived in one or many of the the temples of Ancient Egypt, temples of Venus, essence Atlantis You are reclaiming your Sovereign Cosmic Power.

Magnificence Rose Gold Mary Magdalene Venusian Rose Star Crest assist you in awakening

The Rose Line of Mary Magdalene and restoring the true sacred feminine Grail codes

A Rose Healer

Use in sacred ceremony and Heart activation of the Rose, can be used as a healing activation amulet, a portal grid of the sacred Rose of Magdalene's heart and use as a beautiful sacred pendant to remember the sacred divine feminine essence of YOU.

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