Mary's Song Gift to the World/Mary Angelico

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These 9 songs were gifted in 2012 to Mary Angelico from the Divine Mother, through the realm of Mary.

She was given to know that the music would come quickly and easily (which it did) and that it was to

be shared freely with all, and that no monetary gain was to be made and with open of any offerings of donations of Love.

*Best to use with headphones to pick up the frequencies. If you wish to share a donation with Mary Angelico the Creator of this gift to humanity you can pay pal her at:

My dearest best friend Mary Angelico is a healer, songwriter and artist.

Mary Angelico created the "Mary Songs" instructed by Mother Mary these sacred holy 9 songs to give as a gift to the World.

When i first played the Invocation is when Mother Mary appeared to me at Cathedral Rock bringing the Rose Ray of Creation. Shekina Rose

Mary Angelico, song writer, Artist, healer

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