Sedona Hearts of Mother Earth Gaia/Sophia Rose Priestess & Violet Ray Healer Angels $244.00/444.00

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{Gorgeous white light Sedona crystal heart} in brass setting with necklace with a Violet and pink Swarovski crystals for the Higher heart chakra of Divine Love and Transformaiton

Connection to Sophia, Pink Angels of Healing, the Divine Feminine, Mother of the Universe

Sedona Hearts Carries the Universal spiritual love tones of Creation and is the promise heart that the white light crystal would manifest on a sacred land of Shambhalla a City of Light when the starseeds would return and awakening to their mission of unity light and LOVE.

Has nurturing energies of the Earth Mother of the female power and the presence of Shamblala from Crystal city of Light

Brings the Divinity of the white light carry purifying vibrations and healing properties that creates a seal of protection and light around your aura, cleanses the auric field and environment absorbs energy and returns it to the sender having transmuted.

The Violet and Pink Swarovski crystal assist to help you to feel centered in Love and comfortable to fully express yourself, healing and transmutation lower energies of when you were unable to communicated on a verbal, physical and emotional level, brings you to wholeness enhanced expression of Divine self.

This white light crystal from the Sedona sacred vortexes has a living message for you and an ancient frequency that all humans need at this time.

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