Sedona STAR GATE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT Activator/Pleiadain Peace Portal instant Download/includes Language of Light transmission Crystal heart Pleiadian song Retreat/$15/$20.00

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Includes the Language of Light Crystal Heart Light song activation transmission & Pleiadians of Peace Universal Prayer sang by Shekina Rose

and Pleiadian Peace Prayer

New Earth Inter-dimensional Language of Light Vortex Technology
"For the ultra-sensitive Blue Rays and Starseed forerunners of the New Earth"

With instructions on how to use.

This StarGate Activator was created by the Pleiadian Peace Portal that reopened at Cathedral Rock Vortex in Sedona AZ where a Pleidian Guardian of the Peace Portal appeared to Shekina. The Guardian revealed actual images of the Light Portal at Cathedral Rock Vortex .The image of the Pleaidian Peace orb and photos are in the center of this StarGate

The rock formation is the Cathedral Rock Goddess Temple Vortex in Sedona AZ. USA, the place where Mother Mary and the Rose Ray apparitions appeared, place of the Pleiadian Peace Portal and where the pictures of Shekina seems to disappear in the White Light Portal Stargate.

These pictures and portal can been seen on video on YouTube at: New Pleiadian StarGate DNA/Light Language Starbeing Activation/Template Sedona AZ

The Language of Light Stargate symbols are Vibration Key Codes prayers of Galactic and Universal Peace that were channeled and transcribed from Source, while Shekina Rose was in the actual light portal Stargate at Cathedral Rock Vortex, in Sedona AZ.

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