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Sedona Hearts Carries the Universal spiritual love tones of Creation and is the promise heart that the white light crystal would manifest on a sacred land of Shambhalla a City of Light.

Very rare one of a kind {Gorgeous White Golden with red Magnetic Vortex lines light Sedona crystal heart} in brass setting with a cosmic iridescent Swarovski crystal

Higher heart connection to the throat chakra of Divine Love ~ Purification

White Light Heart of love empowering your inner goddesses and communications that brings the gift of increased intuition, empathic awareness, connection to Nature and restore emotional balance,

Has nurturing energies of the Earth Mother of the female power and the presence of Shamblala from Crystal city of Light.

Brings the Divinity of the white light carry purifying vibrations and healing properties that creates a seal of protection and light around your aura, cleanses the auric field and environment absorbs energy and returns it to the sender having transmuted.

This white light crystal from the Sedona sacred vortexes has a living message for you and an ancient frequency that all humans need at this time.

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