Sedona White Light Crystal Holding Heart/Red Rock Ley lines of Mother Earth's LOVE/Language of light, Grid Worker & Healer

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One of a kind Inner earth "White Light Sedona Crystal", holding Healing Heart of Mother Earth Gaia with the red rock ley lines of the Power of the vortex, language of Light healing code of healing and qualities of Gold crystal

Grid workers ~ Healers ~ Language of light Activation ~ New forerunners

This special white light crystal carries the spiritual vortexes of powerful transformational energy of Sedona, Arizona that goes through intersections of natural earth energy also known as ley lines.

Can be used for group healing, personal sessions and when intended the Heart crystal can cover large areas, rooms, buildings, home & establishments for purifying vibrations there by cleansing auric fields and surroundings spaces, creating a seal of Protection and Light

Mother Earth's Heart that she has sent through this Creation for a healing stone of love intended for the deepest pain, to peace and stability for the emotional body, helping to overcome negative behaviors which may be from Karmic attachments needing Ancestral healing to transform energetic patterns

Connects you and awakens your earth mission to the nature spirits, elementals, fairies, elves, gnomes, unicorns and divine beings and Deva's of the inner earth and higher etheric realms.

Sedona Hearts of Mother Earth Gaia contain Vortex LOVE frequency

The Sedona Hearts carry the Universal Spiritual love tones of Creation and is the promise Heart that the White Light Crystals would manifest on a Sacred land of Shambhala a City of Light for when the Starseeds would return and awaken for restoring Love to Mother Earth and Hearts of Humanity.

The Sedona Holding Heart Crystals have the Mother Earth Heart frequency of Love and Oneness, a Unity connection for all life. It is a powerful healing restoring resonance of the red rock electromagnetic field of the earth. The "Sedona Mother Earth Hearts" enhance Awakening on all levels of Healing and empowerment for the well-being of the human body and deep Soul level connection and relationships.

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