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You are a devotee of the Sophia path, the Sacred Divine feminine of Divine Mother and Mother Mary, Lady Nada and or Mary Magdalene has touched your heart and is your guide.

This is special unique design The Rose Priestess Portal, one of kind created for the Rose Priestess by Shekina Rose. With 7 rose flowers on each side with the the center circle creating the infinity of 8 code the "Venusian Rose Star, of the higher heart Love and grail codes of the Sacred Divine feminine. You are the center piece holding the sacred Temple portal of the highest frequency.

Rose Amulet bass pendant is 30 mm by 30 mm with surround by Swarovski Crystals and Rose Bloom Swarovski crystal center on a necklace 10 1/2 long with - 7 links of extension faceted chain 15mm lobster clasp;- tiny heart charm.

See Link here last photo Gorgeous Rose Ray Soul Portal Bracelet the sacred Priestess rose line collection.

The Rose Priestess" Portal of the Sacred Heart pendant amulet assist in:

Awakening you and empowering you as a Priestess of Ascension your heart is a Rose Temple.

That you create this holy rose space in many areas and ways in your life Christed Feminine embodiment, with the sistership and as grid worker of rose healing of earth of the Rose line. You once studied and lived in one or many of the the temples of Ancient Egypt, temples of Venus, essence Atlantis You are reclaiming your Sovereign Cosmic Power.

As you the Rose Priestess for you to remember and awakening the rose line.

The Rose Line of Mary Magdalene and restoring the true sacred feminine Grail codes

A Rose Healer

Use in sacred ceremony and Heart activation of the Rose, can be used as a healing activation amulet a portal of the sacred the Rose Mothers heart.

Art photo by Heart of the Magdalene by Linzy Arnott

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