3 Mp3 songs Universal Frequency Harmonizer Sacred Technology ~Holy Sun Tones meditation Activation, Activator & Crystal Grid ~Direct Download Sale $15/$22.

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Direct Download ~Activator and Crystal Grid Sun Portal ~Sacred Technology Source Field Unity Connector through the Sun from the Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ. Clear distortions, negative adverse electromagnetic radiation & Programs.

The Activator acts as an interface with higher dimensions of reality of consciousness to the quantum filed Universal Power Harmonic Frequency. It will assist you in being able to tune in being attuned into this Divine holy power.

2nd and 3rd photo above is an example of using for a crystal grid, that has the sedona star family druzy, Sedona white light vortex crystals and Gold Sedona Star Angel ~ crystals not included Last photo of the Universal Frequency Harmonizer pendants

This sacred technology assist strengthening your I am soul sovereign power, Light and solar bodies, and to transcend, clear distortions, negative adverse electromagnetic radiation that is not harmonizing with your true authentic God Source connection.

In combination with the Universal Frequency Harmonizer Pendant is a powerful combination of a higher divine alignment, shield frequency protection and connection to universal, Galactic, angelic, Ascended Masters soul family. This assist in strengthening the Divine Holy Matrix for Humanity and the Universal Harmonic Frequency.

You will receive 5 files

  1. 8.5 x 11 art photo activator download ~ Graphic Artwork by by Mary Angelico - Artist, Healer, Singer/Songwriter
  2. Document, Intention Unity Prayers and instructions on how to use
  3. mp3 Meditation ~ Sun Language of Light transmission to listen to when using your activator
  4. Mp3 Attunement ~ Holy tones of Sun Language of Light Frequency harmonizer activation Cosmic Human Blue Print ~ Some experience powerful awakenings at the 3rd eye with physical sensation. Please share to me email would love to hear from you.
  5. MP3 Guided Meditation ~ Holy tones of the Sun Language of Light with the Creator Sequence Codes attunement accelerator

It will help to increase your joy and radiance, clear distortions, negative adverse electromagnetic radiation & Programs.

The Sun/Solaris, our Radiant Light Source, our manna from the Cosmic Central Sun, is now sending us Light Codes of Universal Harmonics. This is empowering your Light Body and the true authentic encoding of your Divine Original Blueprint.

There is a Holy Harmonic Frequency vibration that exists through all life, through higher civilizations, inter-dimensions, galaxies, other planets, inner dimensional Earth, Heaven, the Devic and natural Nature that is always attuned to this Divine Holy Matrix God Code Harmonic. This is a telepathic highway network.

The Universal Frequency Harmonizer Activator, pendant and Sun Holy Tones Activation attunement song, helps you to focus, remember, activate, and provides a shield of protection through vibrational resonances, sacred technologies to your Light Source and unity communion through frequency and the Law of One.

Included in this image are the actual apparitions of the Sun and the green Devic Dome Rings, captured in a series of photos taken from Shekina Rose meditations at Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona, Arizona. The resulting apparitions of light overlaid in this image contain the powerful essence of the Sun portal and Devic communion with humanity.


Science very shortly after my NDE tested my vocals and vocal range and found my vocal intonations contain the whole lost scale pure tones of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies of 528 Hz, Love "(Solfeggio)", Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) and they found codes as well the mathematical equation of Creation. The sound transformation here have these Holy tones i heard when i went to the Light.

Shekina was encoded with these holy signals of God source light when she communed with the Light and the Divine Holy matrix in her Near Death experience. She came back from the Light with the this attunement Creator codes.

Shekina Rose

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