Your personal Divine Blue Print Creator Code/Divine Presence/Liberation on the phone session.

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Activating Your Divine Blue Print Creator Codes through Sacred Language Song of the Angels of Shekinah

Included is Creators Code Template created for this session.

with the Activation of the 21 Levels of the Holy Spirit.

You have a divine Blue Print a holy code of pure design, that you came in with a frequency pattern that carries the highest wholeness of who you are. The universe is created on harmonics the math science of wave frequency the music of the spheres. Your divine blueprint carries a wave frequency of sacred mathematical harmonic sequence heaven's numerology. Knowing this can help you in your life have the resonances field to wholeness and your highest potential your divine Connection with the Creator the Universes and the Cosmos.

Receiving your Divine Blue Print Creator Code can create a greater balance in the electromagnetic field where their has been altercations, traumas, mutations and negative programs and implants in this lifetime and others.

IN this very sacred appointment you will receive your blue print code the holy song of your Code of Life ~ Divine Blue Print Creator Code a harmonic that you can carry for the rest of your life ~ Divine home frequency always with you.

and a download of the Creators Code Template to write your code and attune to the Creators Harmonics through the Rose ray you will be held in sacred reference of your true authentic vibration. You will be guided through the higher dimensions to connect to the highest light of love frequency, protection so you can experience your essence of Presence.

The Creators Code Template activator helps you to focus, remember, activate, and provides a shield of protection by vibrational resonances sacred technologies to your Light Source and unity communion through frequency, there is a place for you to place your code in the Rose.

Being able to experience your true essence the presence of your being is a sacred and beautiful gift, it brings us to the Creator in balance and harmony of who we truly are ~ its what we seek that God love heart essence inside and the unity of the Creators love that we came from and are.

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