Pleiadian StarGate Pendants & Activators Resonators

Star Resonators Pendants

Star Resonator Source field Connectors & Devices a Sacred Technology that connects you to Source. Represent all the Rays and their sacred lineages. Activates the source codes in the body template cells of light, clears distortions and Protection from electromagnetic radiation and EMFs.

Star White Light Crystal Pendants

Sedona White Light Crystals Pendants New discovery of the New Earth White light Crystals a Rare manifestation from the Sedona Vortex Universal City of Lights.These ultra-unique crystals are here to assist in our next stage of evolution towards the New One Earth and crystalline DNA. They have a life force of Nirvana Home frequency and brings in the white light, connects all the chakras and especially the crown chakra and Clears stagnant and blocked energies from one's energy field.

Pleiadian StarGate Pendants

Inter dimensional technology downloads of the Pleiadians, Sirians, Atlantis, Goddess realms and temples that open the Crystalline Seals that activates your dormant DNA encodings. The Pleiadian StarGate are Pendants and Healing Devices. Assist in connecting you to the Higher Realms and ascended Star Beings, Galactic’s and Angelics.

Sedona Activators

New Earth Inter-dimensional Angelic Frequencies Technology. The activators and Resonators are 2 pages 8 ½ by 11 download Powerful inter dimension portal art of connection and activation.

That are a download from the Higher Realms, (Pleiadians), Blue Ray, Mother Mary and created with the actual apparitions and pictures of Sedona portals, the language of light Codes and comes with information and instruction on how to use.

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