Sedona Crystals Pendants & Bracelets

Rare manifestation from the Sedona Universal City of Lights

Shekina Rose, custom makes and designs every Jewelry peace imbued with

the Higher frequencies and the Language of Light.

These Sedona white light crystals and Star Family druzy are from the vortex, a cosmic portal of the Crystalline Grid, which is an energetic lattice of ley lines of the higher multi dimensions supporting the ascension.

These ultra-unique crystals are here to assist in our next stage of evolution towards the New One Earth. They have a life force of Nirvana of Home frequency. They have been revealed—allowed themselves to be discovered—to help Lightworkers and Starseeds in experiencing the home frequency and radiance of the Lost Holy Codes of Life and the nirvana of the Holy Grail. When you feel it is too hard to be on the planet any longer, these crystals can act as a dimensional doorway leading you back to your Higher Self and True Purpose.

"Shortly after discovering the crystals,

I saw an enormous crystal city of light that was a size of a planet. These crystals have given me amazing feeling of Nirvana".

The Elohim Crystal Guardians spoke to me at the Cathedral Rock Vortex. The crystals started to manifest and gave me an amazing nirvana awakening for being alive. The Crystal City that wasa size of a planet appeared. The crystals and ley lines of the New Earth of Gaia are awakening across the planet. Our crystalline DNA is being activated in the Christ template. This is the disclosure taking place through the Sacred Divine Feminine Divine Principal of One.

I am usually off trail and on a mountain guided to where Gaia is calling me to be on the land. As I was stopped in my tracks, an incredible sensation of happiness—the joy of being alive—surged through my being. It felt like an enlightening enhanced life force of light permeating the cells of my body. It’s an incredible experience and not easy to put into words. The crystals’ Elohim Guardians have shared with me this is Home Frequency and is being restored. It is reawakening the radiant light codes from when the Shamballa Ascended Masters appeared to me. They were this and had already ascended and were showing us the way and that we were a part of this lineage. It is what so many starseeds, Blue Rays, and new forerunners express: that they miss home and want to go home; this is the awakening frequency that I have experienced. Shekina Rose


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